The MSF headquarters shall be located, in the Natura Towers, office building complex composed of two buildings in Telheiras, North, Lisbon.

Conceived, built and promoted by the Group MSF, Natura Towers is a pioneer in Portugal for the integration of a unique technology and ecological and auto-sustainable solutions in regards to electrical power.

The  MSF Group headquarters joins together in an eight story building the various companies of the Group and their respective employees. In addition to the administration, the budgeting, supplies, management of equipment yards, administrative, accounting, treasury, information systems, human resources, hygiene, health, and safety and quality services are also present.

Equipment Yard, Workshops and Central Warehouses of Ota
The workshops and central warehouses are located in a building called Casal da Maria Magra, to the Ota, with an area of approximately 111,000 m2.
The OTA facilities include the following services and purposes:
• Area for the repair of equipment from the company equipment yard, mechanical repair shop, metal working shop, electrical services, stripping and painting, carpentry;
• Warehouses area - dedicated for the storage of materials to be employed in the construction projects;
• Area for  social facilities - a cafeteria, bathing areas;
• Laboratory and archives area.
In the uncovered zone, approximately 85,000 m2, is the main equipment yard pertaining to the group.

Offices abroad
For support activities in the diverse companies in which it operates, MSF possesses offices in Angola, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Poland, Senegal, Gabon, Mozambique, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso.