MSF Engenharia S.A. (MSF) is a company with firmly established credibility in the civil construction and public works sector. Its technical competence, management capability, deadline fulfilment, quality performance and financial soundness are demonstrated in the projects in which it participates.

Since its foundation on October 20, 1969, and throughout its years of activity, MSF has lead the execution of large scale engineering projects of great technical complexity, and has made an unquestionable contribution to the modernisation of Portugal and the different Countries in which it operates.

One of the company most valuable assets is the vast experience which it has acquired. This experience enables the organisation to participate in all of the diverse construction segments and speciality areas including; dams, tunnels, irrigation networks, conduits and canals, maritime works, roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, airports, industrial construction and construction and rehabilitation of buildings.

Aware of the need to expand its capabilities beyond the country’s frontiers, MSF began to internationalise in 1997 with the creation of its International Division and the election of primary target markets including Africa, Central and Eastern Europe.
MSF will continue to be present in tenders for large-scale public works and exploring diversification opportunities.

Focused on the Civil Construction and Public Works Sector, MSF interacts closely and in an integrated manner with the other group companies, namelly with MSF TUR.IM, in the tourism and real estate segment, and with MSF Concessões, the Group subholding specialized in planning, acquisition and management of participations in public works and services concession companies in both national and international markets.

Today and in the future, with the same high level of commitment, MSF will adapt to the society and market evolution, mobilizing its technical capabilities and financial assets, to continue delivering its key capabilities: technical competence, management efficiency, deadline compliance and construction quality.

These are, in essence, the foundations of the Company Policy.